Rekah History


Beginning as a small local pharmacy in Jerusalem in the early 1980s, Rekah soon grew into a pharmaceutical trade store in the Jerusalem area. The pharmaceutical trade store continued to grow during the 1980s, adding suppliers and extending its distribution nationwide.

During the 1990s, the company expanded its activities to include production, acquiring its first production plant in Holon, Israel (Rekah). In 1994, the company went public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (REKA).

The company continued to expand its production capabilities and acquired a big production site in Binyamina, Israel (Vitamed) in 2003. In 2008, the company entered the field of natural products and vitamins as part of the Derech Haim brand.

From 2012 to 2018, production infrastructures were expanded, an R&D unit was established and the company promoted registration and export of its products abroad. In 2015, FIMI, the leading private equity fund in Israel, became a partner in the company.

In 2019, the investment plan was accelerated in order to support the TEVA deal and the company's production of the relevant TEVA products, as well as preparations for exporting core products to Europe. In addition, the company built a modern logistics center in central Israel.

Milestones in REKAH’s History

Establishment of a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.
Establishment of “Ophir” pharmaceutical marketing & distribution.
Acquisition of “Shalpharm Marketing” (as infrastructure for a national distribution mechanism).
Acquisition of the first production plant (Vitamad Holon), which manufactures unique pills and sterile ointments.
Listed for trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
Establishment of a national distribution mechanism.
Acquisition of the second manufacturing plant (Vitamad Binyamina), which manufactures antibiotic drugs, eye drops, dermatological ointments, antiseptic preparations, syrups and drops.
First exports to African countries.
Expansion of production and marketing activities in the field of vitamins and nutritional supplements, including the private label brand for Clalit Health Services.
Establishment of a central logistic center.
Establishment of the Vitamad production division and an operational consolidation.
Expansion of production capacity - construction of penicillin and cephalosporin plants, upgrading and expansion of the sterile ophthalmic department. Establishment of a central R & D department.
Entry of FIMI Fund (leading private equity firm in Israel) as a partner.
Implementing a 3-year investment plan in the production division (automation, industrial infrastructure, laboratories, IT). Cooperation agreement for the development, manufacture and export of a core product for European markets.
Expansion of R&D activities. Submission for registration in Europe.
Strategic cooperation agreement with ‘Teva’ for the manufacture of Rx, OTC and hospital antiseptic products, for 10 years.
Establishment of a dedicated production plant for steroid tablets. Establishment of a dedicated plant for antiseptic preparations. An innovative agreement for the supply of prescription drugs to the home of Leumit HMO members. Construction of a modern logistics center in central Israel.
and the story continues...